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Our marathon tire for your marathon business.

Since running a business is a marathon and not a sprint, the brand-new Conti Hybrid HS5 steer axle tire allows fleet vehicles to cover longer distances than ever before – especially when it comes to the requirements of regional operations. A new tread compound for the steer axle with an extra-high amount of natural rubber enables impressive robustness and a high tread integrity for an even wear and a high cut resistance over the whole lifetime of the tire. Furthermore, an intelligent combination of two different compounds for cap and base enables a balanced-out ultra-high-mileage and good rolling resistance, resulting in fuel efficiency – which is more than just useful when you aim to make the most out of your business. 

Nothing comes between you and safe driving.

Whatever the destination of your fleet vehicles, the Conti Hybrid HS5 steer axle tire makes sure they never lose contact with the road along the way. Which means in detail that it provides outstandingly strong grip under all weather conditions – enabled by its extra-robust tread pattern including full-width 3D matrix sipes that ensure a top-level performance over the complete tire lifetime – and just in case you already forgot: this means for a very, very long time.

Designed to stay in good shape for many miles.

No matter how much time your tires will spend on the road, they won’t let you notice it. To achieve an even wear performance without compromising on balanced-out grip, we worked out a very innovative surface design. In addition, a new 0° belt casing (only available for size 315/70 R 22.5) enables excellent pressure distribution in the road contact area under changing load conditions, which results in a significant mileage improvement, higher endurance and an even wear shape. And who doesn’t appreciate a good performance that lasts?


New tires, multiple lives.

ContiLifeCycle™ is a holistic system reusing tires and extending tire lives. It begins with our new Continental truck tires and continues with our casing management and premium retreading solutions.
As the new Conti Hybrid HS5 is developed to be retreadable, we are able to extend its tire life and help to protect the environment. Reusing the casing saves energy and raw materials and reduces the number of old tires in circulation.

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